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Working in association with The Garrison Group, Craig Coble has facilitated numerous engagements with the U.S. Department of Justice and has received outstanding feedback including the following…

Ania Dobrzanska, MS, CCM
State Policy Advisor, U.S. Department of Justice

“By any measure Mr. Coble is a very effective speaker and educator. Although the topic of the workshop focused on effective ways to deliver a presentation, the issues discussed motivated each and every one of us to become better in all aspects of our work and life. The workshop held our attention and there was never a dull moment. In fact, we were disappointed that the workshop has ended and we wished it would last much longer because the issues discussed were very insightful and moving. Nonetheless, it is important to note here that Mr. Coble has covered the material effectively and I personally feel much more confident now than I did before the presentation.

Mr. Coble delivered a delightfully entertaining presentation and effectively used his humor to make his point while demonstrating in-depth knowledge of the topic at hand. I would take any workshop with Mr. Coble. We hope he returns!”

Muriel Collins

Special Projects Manager, Planning Division
Bureau of Justice Assistance, Department of Justice

“The Listening and Memory Training you provided was beneficiary not only to the employees’ professional lives but to their personal lives as well. Thank you for providing BJA and its staff with wonderful tools to perform jobs, build stronger working relationships and help make the work environment more conducive to the agency.”



Craig has worked with other groups & individuals such as…

Tina Frymyer
Employee Development Specialist

“I’ve had the fortune of working with numerous presenters, facilitators and instructors, and with Craig on multiple occasions. Craig possesses a unique quality that connects with participants at a level unlike others I’ve seen. Craig doesn’t just teach or facilitate, he leads the participants on a journey that leaves a meaningful and lasting impact.”

Elissa Leibowitz Poma

Senior Meeting Planner

“What Craig does so well–and I’ve experienced this in both a group setting and during individual consultations–is ask the right questions to make you look inward and figure out what would make you happiest, in your job and in life in general.”

W. Cliff Kayser
President & Founder, Xperience, LLC

“Craig has consistently gone above and beyond what was expected to help us meet our objectives. His integrity is impeccable and his passion for facilitation creates an environment in the classroom that is electric and dynamic. Craig would be an invaluable asset to any organization!”

Jennifer Y. Brown

Accounts Payable, The Washington Post

“Passionate, enthusiastic, sincere, intuitive, spontaneous, insightful, resourceful, unpredictable, humorous.  The above adjectives are truly but a mere snapshot of what Craig Coble, Coble Consulting, Inc., brings to his courses. The word facilitator really doesn’t define Craig Coble.”

Michael Taylor

News IT Operations, The Washington Post

“Taking one of Craig Coble’s Effective Presentation Skills classes is like getting an educational dose of adrenaline. Combining constructive criticism with an encouraging spirit, he shows you concrete ways to improve. Finding teaching methods that are interactive as well as engaging can be a challenge. Craig has the magic mix of both.”

James H. Parks, III

Consultant, Fannie Mae

“To Whom It May Concern: Craig is a thorough, effective, and empathetic leader of leaders. Whenever we have worked together on projects, he has consistently contributed for the good of all, and in a friendly and helpful way facilitated the entire team to work more effectively. He accomplishes this by being an excellent role model of the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” The following are actions he consistently takes to achieve this effectiveness: 1. Being proactive 2. Keeping the big picture goal/objective in mind 3. Prioritizing to get the most important things accomplished first 4. Seeking for mutually beneficial results in negotiations 5. Listening first to understand the other person’s perspective before giving his own 6. Collaborating well so that the end product is a synergistic result 7. Having a great sense of humor which is contagious. In short, Craig is an ideal person to lead leaders and their employees to peak performances. Cordially yours, James H. Parks, III”

Alicia Rodriguez

Principal, Sophia Associates, Inc.

“Craig brings life and learning together for a powerful experience. Combining fun and results, he challenges his participants while creating a safe environment for deep learning. I am privileged to know and work with him.”

Nathaniel Alston

Owner, The Horizons Group, LLC

“Craig is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits to the client. He possesses excellent facilitation and people interaction skills. His creativity, resourcefulness and ability to see a project through will make any presentation distinctive and successful. Craig is an effective communicator and with his sensitivity, diligence, energy and sense of humor makes working with him a joy. I highly recommend Craig for any endeavor.”

Gloria Corellano

Consultant, Washington-Harris Group, Inc.

“Craig is a very talentend trainer/facilitator, continually exploring new ways to enhance the instructional experience he delivers to his clients. His demeanor and professional conduct are impecable and his preparation and ability to engage an audience, at all levels, makes him a first class choice for any company looking to provide staff development.”

Sandra Glover

Hired Craig as a Coach, Motivational Speaker, Team Building, Business Developer in 2005

“Craig facilitated a workshop for healthcare executives that was totally captivating. He was intuitive, highly professional, well studied, equally well versed. He received the highest ratings ever from a very difficult group. He was punctual at each step of the process from the contractual end to the final deliverable. He is an out-of-the-box facilitator and was highly impressive. I’d recommend him without reservation.”

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