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MaryJane Bullen
MaryJane BullenSenior Consultant

MaryJane Bullen

MaryJane brings 25 years of experience coaching and working with leaders, managers and staff in non-profit, for-profit and government to create cost-effective performances through leadership and cultural alignment. MaryJane has seen how cultural entropy impacts employee engagement and significantly influences organizational and financial performance.

Coble Consulting, Inc. counts her as a vital member of our team.

MaryJane has worked as an internal management consultant with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank) supporting senior leaders in strategic planning by designing and facilitating strategic forums, town hall and stakeholder meetings. She has worked with new organizations to create clear vision and mission statements that attract and keep the best staff. MaryJane uses a variety of assessments to uncover the personal styles, values, as well as the current and desired culture of the organization that opens the space to deeper and more productive conversations between leaders, managers, staff, customers and stakeholders. She has consulted with associations in implementing their strategy by working with their leaders, their boards and staff.

As an executive coach, MaryJane is centered by her integrity as she contracts, listens and collaborates with her clients to clearly define the coaching topic. She honors the client as the expert in his/her life whose values provide a strong foundation for their decision-making. MaryJane believes that every one of her clients is resourceful and creative. She knows that her role is to support the client’s discovery, clarity and alignment that s/he wants to achieve in their work. She encourages her clients to generate their solutions and strategies. MaryJane designs practices, selects assessments and continually monitors the effectiveness of the partnership with her client. Her integrity is grounded in years of study, practice and self-awareness. MaryJane draws on many models to discover the unique perspective of each leader, manager or staff so that they can maximize their strengths while uncovering their blind spots. The core of MaryJane’s coaching is built around understanding ‘who you are and why you are here’ so that each client and each member of the organization can collaborate to make meaning of their work while delivering the work program. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

MaryJane holds a Master’s in Science in Organization Development from American University in Washington D.C. She is also an adjunct professor in this program. She is a master trainer and practitioner in the Barrett Culture Transformation Tools. MaryJane, trained by the National Training Lab (NTL) and the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution, is a group facilitator for teams and community groups. She is a Neuro Linguistic Programming master practitioner. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and uses a variety of models – she particularly appreciates Ken Wilber’s AQAL model that includes Claude Graves’ Spiral Dynamics. MaryJane is certified in “The Values Matrix’ which is based on Graves model.

Rosy Elliot
Rosy ElliotAssociate Consultant

Rosy Elliot

Rosy Elliott is a highly-trained expert in the field of coaching and leadership training.

Rosy empowers team members by nurturing individual expression, facilitating growth and maximizing the collaborative potential of the group. Her skilled use of experiential work is based on systems theory and the principles of Co-Active leadership and is geared to optimize the output of the team. Her approach to team building is engaging, energizing and very effective.
Rosy also excels at working with high-level, inspired individuals who have an idea that they want to make real in the world. Her expertise lies in identifying purpose and passion as well as removing obstacles to achieve full potential. Rosy focuses her work with individual clients to help them meet their challenges and remain inspired so they can authentically shine in their brilliance.

Her keen insight strong commitment to bringing out the best in people fosters her work with leaders, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers and musicians.

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