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About Coble Consulting

Coble Consulting Inc. provides coaching, leadership development and various other engagements that enhance organizational and individual procedure. Together with the client, we identify the best path toward meeting the organization’s needs and provide the company with the ability to think abstractly while staying within the organization’s standards and culture. The result is a creativity that exceeds the expectations and goals for performance-based engagements.

About Craig

Coble_InAction_img012It was during my travel abroad in 2000 that I found my life’s passion. After returning to the United States from my trips to China, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, I started Coble Consulting Inc. with a mission to improve individual and organizational effectiveness.

Since then, I have presented on Action Learning in Kobe, Japan, facilitated a workshop “Leading in a Changing Environment” at the British Embassy in Tokyo, and designed and facilitated human performance improvement workshops for C-TECH, a health and beauty company, which boosted their sales by 200%.

As a result, I have had the privilege of using my creativity and ambition to gain extensive experience both in Corporate America and at the highest levels of the Federal Government. And thanks to this expertise in 2010 I joined the National Leadership Institute at the University of Maryland University College through the Center for Creative Leadership. In addition I am also adjunct faculty at University of Maryland School of Public Policy. I added Life and Executive Coaching after receiving his certification through CTI in 2010. Today I am a member of ICF as a CPP. I am proud to continue to work at the highest labor of the Federal Government.

About Craig’s Approach

Once a definition of the company’s needs has been developed, I outline clear project objectives and expectations for all courses and enable professional development to allow for a long-term impact on the organization.

Open and willing participants will understand the mission and vision of the organization and their department, and will be able to relate their position to the organization’s mission. They also will learn how their unique talents and contributions can creatively and effectively achieve the organization’s goals and exceed performance expectations.

My human performance improvement efforts focus on meeting outcomes by considering the organizational culture, leadership style of the executives and personalities of the participants.


My facilitation approach, designed to increase collaboration, is guided by 8 principles:

  • Provide constant, ongoing communication with the client throughout the engagement
  • Thoroughly assess the issues and understand the client organization, background and history while identifying key problems to be addressed during the meeting
  • Define client objectives and expectations, and roles and ground rules for all meetings
  • Design a tailored approach based on meeting outcomes, organizational culture and client’s leadership style
  • Attend to all three aspects of any effective meeting content (the actual issues to be discussed), process (group dynamics) and context (meeting logistics), and determine how all three interact
  • Remember that everything is a learning opportunity, and consider all aspects, including seating, room set-up, and interaction with participants before the meeting and during breaks
  • Initiate real-time meeting and evaluations, process checks, with participants during all interventions
  • Establish follow-through and accountability plans, such as tasks, responsibilities and timeframes
Craig Coble
Craig CobleOwner


Leadership Development, Facilitation, and Coaching.


We co-create, with our clients, a dynamic space that expands learning, improves morale, and increases retention while building integrity in service to the bottom line.


Co–creating with our clients to build organizations that thrive by being in service to their internal and external clients and their communities.
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